Superior Results
Powered by
Artificial Intelligence,
& Data Science

Comprehensive insights that drive results across industries


Personalize recommendations,
reduce fraud, optimize price


Drive acquisition, improve
conversion, reduce churn


Increase investment return,
automate manual processes

Supply Chain

Optimize supply & demand
metrics, identify threats to delivery


Predict impact, reduce risk,
minimize downtime

Make better decisions with insights backed by data

You've got data - a lot of it. Effective analytics rely on that data being centralized and in-sync across sources. Our A.I. platform ingests and organizes disparate data sources into a single location for analysis.

Once your data is centralized. Zenabi's A.I. platform goes to work by building customized relationships and extracting signals to deliver insights that are specific to your data sets.

Those outputs can be visualized through customized dashboards for easy tracking of key metrics or layered back into the customer infrastructure to drive execution in real-time. Data is constantly ingested into the A.I. models so they continue to learn and adapt over time.

After our models are built, our data scientists are available to work side-by-side with your team to analyze and integrate the results for maximum return on investment. Our team is available to support and maintain the A.I. models and infrastructure.